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Definition of the disease: Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a type of "atypical" bacteria that commonly causes mild infections of the respiratory system. In fact, pneumonia caused by M. pneumoniae is sometimes referred to as "walking pneumonia" since symptoms tend to be milder than pneumonia caused by other germs. The most common type of illness caused by these bacteria, especially in children, is tracheobronchitis, commonly called a chest cold. Symptoms often include being tired and having a sore throat, fever, and cough. Sometimes M. pneumoniae can cause pneumonia, a more serious lung infection, which may require care in a hospital.

Genemedi produces core animal health diagnostic ingredients-validated antibodies pairs Mouse anti-Bovine Coronavirus / Rotavirus monoclonal antibody and antigens for rapid test kit of animal infectious disease with Bovine Coronavirus / Rotavirus to evaluate the animal health of Ruminants.

The paired antibodies are both monoclonal antibody(mab).

All the antibodies and antiges of animal disease test are suitable for in functional ELISA, and other immunoassays in diagnostics. The antibody can act as a capture antibody and detection antibody. Antigens are validated as positive control materials.

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Catalog No.
(1~4, 4 antibodies in pairs)
Size Price(In USD) Qty (Quantity) Sum(In USD)
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-1 Size:1mg 1176
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-1 Size:10mg 8232
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-1 Size:100mg 48860
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-2 Size:1mg 1176
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-2 Size:10mg 8232
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-2 Size:100mg 48860
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-3 Size:1mg 1176
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-3 Size:10mg 8232
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-3 Size:100mg 48860
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-4 Size:1mg 1176
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-4 Size:10mg 8232
GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab-4 Size:100mg 48860
Shipping Cost: 760.00


Cat No. GMP-AD-Ruminants-9Ab
Antigens Bovine Coronavirus / Rotavirus
Antibody Mouse anti-Bovine Coronavirus / Rotavirus monoclonal antibody
Host specics Mouse
Isotypes IgG
Bioactivity validation Antibody Binding, Immunogen in Sandwich Elisa, lateral-flow tests, and other immunoassays inBovine Coronavirus / Rotavirus level test and Ruminants-diagnositcs.
Antigen description Bovine Coronavirus / Rotavirus is a major viral pathogen associated with respiratory tract disorders and enteric disease problems in the neonatal calf. Bovine Coronavirus / Rotavirus are RNA viruses of the viral family Coronaviridae. They are enveloped viruses, thus sensitive to disinfectants and the environment. It is not unexpected that cattle would have a coronavirus with tropism for the respiratory tract. Coronaviruses infect the respiratory tract of other species including humans, pigs, turkeys, and chickens.
Purity Purity: ≥95% (SDS-PAGE)
Application Paired antibody immunoassay validation in sandwich Elisa, Lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA), and other immunoassays;
Formulation Supplied as a 0.2 μM filtered solution of PBS, PH7.4.
Storage Store at -20℃ to -80℃ under sterile conditions. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.