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Address: 6th Floor, Building No.2, Kangxin Road 3377, Shanghai, China

Phone: 86-21-50478399

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Bank Information Of Genemedi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

by E-mail: [email protected]

For US Dollar Payment:

Tax registration number: 91320505MA20CUBR9M

Beneficiary Bank: Name: China Merchants Bank Shanghai Branch
Address: No.277 RongkeRoad, Shanghai, China
Beneficiary: Account Number: 121931052332201
Account Name: Genemedi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

For RMB Payment:

Tax registration number: 91320505MA20CUBR9M

开户银行: 招商银行苏州分行新区支行
银行账号: 512909904910202

You can view the payment details on the invoice first to confirm the bank you should transfer money to.
If you have any questions about the payment, please contact [email protected]
Our PayPal Account: [email protected]
Please quote the invoice number while making the payment. Otherwise we do not recognize your payment.