Diagnostics Solution

Our products which include high quality raw material antigens and antibodies are used in these core diagnostic applications in healthcare safety, food and feed safety, environ-mental safety, animal health and disease diagnose. Thus, the antibodies and antigens we supply serve as an outstanding base for the correct and timely identification of diseases and, therefore, enhance both health care and security. Focusing on safety and accuracy, we help to promote innovation of diagnostic tools to enable efficacy of informed choices, protection of health, and creation of a healthier environment for everybody.


High-Volume Protein & Antibody Manufacturing

  • Our manufacturing plants also have the capacity to manufacture in large volumes to as big as 1000 liters per a batch, to ensure that the purity and stability of the product are not compromised, various measures are put in place.

Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Application Needs

  • Our diagnostic solutions utilize CLIA, LFA, and ELISA platforms for the developed assays and clinical samples’ quality to set higher diagnostic standards.


In-vitro Diagnostics(IVD)

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Veterinary Diagnostics

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Food/Feed Safety & Environmental Analysis

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Feature Research

Alzheimer's Disease(AD) Diagnostics

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Bone metabolism osteoporosis Diagnostics

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Bovine/Cattle Diagnostics Solution

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Technical resource

Protocol / Procedure for the diagnostics application

Diagnostics(IVD, FFE and Animal Disease)

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