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About In vitro diagnostic (IVD)

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing has become an indispensable tool in clinical practice for diagnosing and monitoring of diseases, as well as providing prognosis and predicting treatment response, In vitro tests may be done in laboratories, health care facilities or even in the home. The tests themselves can be performed on a variety of instruments ranging from small, handheld tests to complex laboratory instruments. They allow doctors to diagnose patients effectively and work to provide appropriate treatments.

IVDs are used to analyze human samples such as blood and saliva, either by measuring the concentration of specific substances, or analytes (such as sodium and cholesterol), or by detecting the presence or absence of a particular marker or set of markers, such as a genetic mutation or an immune response to infection. Clinicians regularly use IVDs to diagnose conditions, guide treatment decisions, and even mitigate or prevent future disease (for example, through screening tests that indicate a patient’s risk of developing a given condition in the future). There are over 40,000 different IVD products available that provide information to doctors and patients on a huge range of conditions. These comprise markers for inorganic chemistry (electrolytes, toxins, and heavy metals), markers for organic chemistry/biochemistry (proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates), as well as molecular biologic procedures (sequencing and polymerase chain reaction).

In recent years, the value of IVDs has gained further recognition because of their potential to save lives through earlier diagnosis of medical conditions. In the case of an infectious disease, early detection can ensure that patients receive timely care to help slow or stop the progression of disease. Further, knowledge of infection can help promote self-isolation to prevent further spread of the disease to the community. This has been particularly important in containing the spread of highly infectious agents during an active outbreak. Using IVDs to predict underlying genetic conditions in addition to diagnostic screening can also prevent unnecessary suffering by a patient as well as reduce the scale of treatment required.

As the ease-of-use and reliability of IVDs has improved, some IVDs have moved out of the laboratory setting and into the patient’s home. Consumers can now perform simple tests to monitor blood glucose levels, identify urinary tract infections, track ovulation, and confirm pregnancy. These tests not only empower individuals to take charge of their own health but can provide quick results that help guide further medical actions. Genemedi provides diagnostic antibodies and antigens for the in vitro diagnosis of diseases such as infectious disease, inflammation/autoimmune/inflammatory disease, kidney function (renal damages), liver diseases, lung injury, metabolic diseases, multiple disease, neurodegenerative diseases, pain, thyroid diseases, vitamin deficiency and so on.

Validation Data

Evidence has shown plasma biomarkers (p-tau181, p-tau217, p-tau231, p-tau202 and 205, p-tau212 and 214, p-tau413, p-tau422, GFAP, NfL, and Aβ42/40) were significantly changed in preclinical Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Recently, our R&D department demonstrated that our GMP-h-p-tau217-Ab01 has a large linear range and good sensitivity against the GMP-h-p-tau217-Ag01. Below is the result of GeneMedi's GMP-h-p-tau217-Ab01 (Anti-human p-tau217 antibody) validation with GMP-h-p-tau217-Ag01 (p-tau217 antigen) in ELISA. We highly recommend the Ab&Ag to you. Picture loading failed. Figure 1. GeneMedi's GMP-h-p-tau217-Ab01 (Anti-human p-tau217 antibody) is validated to detect the GMP-h-p-tau217-Ag01 (p-tau217 antigen) in ELISA. EC50 = 25.85ng/ml.

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