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LIBRATM-Antibody Engineering Platform is GeneMedi’s innovative antibody engineering platform.
LIBRA is developed with the characteristics: Light, Intelligent, Balanced, Rational, and Algorithm-driven.
LIBRA, (♎) is also Latin, meaning "Balance" in astrology.

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LIBRA HuEasy Monoclonal antibody (mab) humanization service (fully humanized ab)

With extensive in-house data and know-how in protein engineering as well as antibody research and development, GeneMedi developed a unique big-data-driven mature antibody humanization technology, LIBRA HuEasyTM. GM’s LIBRA HuEasyTM technology combines artificial intelligence (AI) and prior wet data to form a self-evolution antibody humanization Algorithm. We are committed to offering an Easier, Faster, higher efficient humanization service and solution to balance high affinity with low immunogenicity for your parental antibodies.

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