Promise-ORF™ viral CDNA library: Sequence-verified ORF/CDNA clones in lentivirus (lentiviral ORF clones), AAV, adenovirus and mammalian expression vectors.


Discover the largest collection of ORF/cDNA expression clones from different species, including human, mouse, rat, and more with GeneMedi's Promise-ORFTM. Our collection of ORFs expression clones come in verified mammalian or viral vectors (lentivirus, AAV, and adenovirus) and our Promise-ORFTM viral-ready expression vectors make it easy for you to improve viral vector packaging efficiency or directly transfect mammalian cells, resulting in stronger and easier expression detection.

If you couldn't find your GOI, please check the Custom-made viral production:

Custom-made AAV Production
Custom-made Adenovirus Production
Custom-made Lentivirus Production

If you want to obtain higher quantities of plasmids (mg), please visit GM TransExcellent Plasmid DNA Rapid Preparation Service

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