Allergens are materials which can cause an immune reaction with the subsequent allergic effect in people or animals. The triggers for allergy are many and available in the air, house dust, foods, drugs, and other products. The following diagnostic and therapeutic applications are some of the out comes that have been realized due to identification and targeting of specific allergenic molecules. Body The Company’s discovered anti-small molecule antibodies and small molecules competitive antigens present capabilities of significantly changing allergen diagnostics and therapeutics since they identified with high specificity and efficacy allergenic molecules and active prevention of allergic reactions.

Allergens can be broadly classified into three primary categories: Respiratory, food and contact mode are common methods of communication that are frequently used by with different diseases such as tuberculosis. Each category includes several significant proteins with regard to their roles and uses as therapeutic targets. Accompanied by normal or increased production of sputum, respiratory allergies are initiated by allergenic particles such as pollen, animal dander, and dust mites. The focus that has been directed towards specific respiratory allergens has promoted the production of some of the following drugs; Antihistamines and Intranasal corticosteroids. GeneMedi’s anti-small molecules antibodies and small molecules competitive antigens product can also be used in the making of diagnostic kits for purpose of detection of respiratory allergens with efficiency for quantification.

This a disease that presents with features of rash to anaphylaxis and has major allergenic molecules among them being; peanuts, milk, eggs and shell fish. GeneMedi’s product can also be used in therapeutic application in achieving the treatment of specific diseases conditions like immunization where the patient is slowly given an aliquot of the allergen to his or her body in order to familiarize it. Regarding contact allergies, the most frequent allergenic molecules are poison ivy, latex, and the metals to mention but a few. GeneMedi’s product can be used for the creation of the diagnostic systems for identification of these allergenic molecules and for the creation of topical creams or gels for the treatment of the contact dermatitis.

In conclusion, GeneMedi’s anti-small molecule antibodies and small molecules competitive antigens product have high prognostications in the field of allergen diagnosis and treatment. The determination of these allergens’ molecular compositions and identification of unique allergenic proteins, in particular, create potential strategies to employ precision medicine and targeted treatments. Considering the possible uses of GeneMedi’s product, a major benefit of the product would be a better diagnosis, and therefore treatment, of allergies, hence leading to enhancement of patient status and quality of life. Thus, Genemedi applies ELISA, LFIA, colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay, CLIA, TINIA, immunonephelometry, and POCT to determine allergenic molecules in different samples.


Q1: What are allergens?
A1: These are substances that induce a response of sensitivity in humans or animals.

Q2: What is GeneMedi’s product in allergic diagnosis and treatment?
A2: They currently have a product known as anti-small molecules antibodies and small molecules competitive antigens which when used, can be very efficient in identifying and eliminating the allergenic molecules and thus help in preventing occurrences of allergies, diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

Q3: Many people wish to know about the common classifications of allergens in the society, to answer this question, there are basically three categories of allergens.
A3: According to their mode of action the allergens can be categorized as respiratory allergens, food allergens, and contact allergens.

Q4: Below are some of the examples of respiratory allergens;
A4: These are pollen, animal fur, feathers, and dust mite.

Q5: In what way do you think that GeneMedi product can help to put into action food allergy?
A5: Immunotherapy is another area in which GeneMedi’s product can be applied; it implies a gradual introduction of the allergen to the patient’s system in order to make the body gradually develop antibodies to it.

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