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Knowledge base: Cre-loxp system and Viral vector (AAV and adenovirus)-based Cre tools (AAV-Cre and Ad-Cre)

Product list

Cat No. Pre-made Cre Viral vector Protomer Promoter Tissue Specificity Promoter Tissue
Specificity characteristics
GMV-AdCre-01Ad-CMV-CreAdenovirusCMV Total Total
GMV-AdCre-02Ad-CMV-Cre-GFPCMV Total Total

GeneMedi offer multiple serotypes of AAV-Cre loxP system for your option:
· AAV1-Cre
· AAV2-Cre
· AAV2 variant (Y444F)-Cre
· AAV2 variant (Y272F, Y444F, Y500F, Y730F)-Cre
· AAV2 variant (Y444F, Y730F, Y500F, Y272F, Y704F, Y252F)-Cre
· AAV2 variant(AAV2.7m8)-Cre
· AAV5-Cre
· AAV6-Cre
· AAV8-Cre
· AAV8-1m-Cre
· AAV8-2m-Cre
· AAV8 variant (Y733F, Y447F, Y275)-Cre
· AAV9-Cre
· AAV-Rh.10-Cre
· AAV-DJ-Cre
· AAV-DJ/8-Cre
· AAV-Retro (Retrograde)-Cre
· AAV9-PHP.B-Cre
· AAV9-PHP.A-Cre
· AAV9-PHP.eB-Cre
· AAV9-PHP.S-Cre
CMV Total Total
GMV-AAV9Cre-02AAV9-CMV-Cre-ZsGreen CMV Total Total
GMV-AAV9Cre-03AAV9-CAG-Cre CAG Total Total
GMV-AAV9Cre-04AAV9-CAG-Cre-ZsGreen CAG Total Total
GMV-AAV9Cre-05AAV9-Syn-Cre-EGFP synapsin (SYN) NeuroNeuron-specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-06AAV9-Syn-Cre synapsin (SYN) NeuroNeuron-specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-07AAV9-CaMKII-Cre-EGFP CaMKIINeuroForebrain glutamate neuron-specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-08AAV9-CaMKII-Cre CaMKIINeuroForebrain glutamate neuron-specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-09AAV9-GFAP-Cre-EGFP GFAPNeuroAstrocyte specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-10AAV9-GFAP-Cre GFAPNeuroAstrocyte specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-11AAV9-cTNT-Cre cTnTheartCardiomyocyte specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-12AAV9-cTNT-Cre-EGFP cTnTheartCardiomyocyte specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-13AAV9-TBG-Cre TBGliverHepatic specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-14AAV9-TBG-Cre-ZsGreen TBGliverHepatic specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-15AAV9-TIE-Cre TIEendothelialEndothelial-specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-16AAV9-cd68-Cre cd68NeuroMicroglia-specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-17AAV9-c-fos-Cre c-fosNeuroExcitatory neuron promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-18AAV9-mecp2-Cre mecp2NeuroShorter neuron-specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-19AAV9-MHCK7-Cre MHCK7muscleMuscle specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-20AAV9-Rpe65-Cre Rpe65retinaRetinal specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-21AAV9-sm22a-Cre sm22amuscleSmooth muscle specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-22AAV9-Spc5-12-Cre Spc5-12muscleMyocyte specific promoter
GMV-AAV9Cre-23AAV9-Ta1-Cre TalNeuroEarly neuron-specific promoter
GMV-LvCre-01Lv-CMV-CreLentivirusCMV Total Total
GMV-LvCre-02Lv-CMV-Cre-zsgreenCMV Total Total

Delivery impact due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the COVID-19 outbreak in the world, many flights have been cancelled. In order for the customer to receive the goods properly, we use the FedEx Customized Freight (FCF) of Fedex which demands a higher fee. If the delivery fee is more expensive in your area, we will contact you by mail.