Pseudotype virus (pseudovirus, PSV) of Monkeypox virus (MPV)

Cat No.: GM-MPV-Tg09-PSV01

The MPXV F3 protein is a homologue of the VACV E3 protein, with nucleotide and protein sequence identities of 92% and 88%, respectively. The genomic sequence of MPXV suggests that the F3 protein contains a complete, functional, C-terminal dsRNA-binding domain, while the first 37 amino acids of the N terminus of the Z-NA binding domain are deleted. The VACV E3L gene has been shown to play a critical role in inhibiting the cellular interferon (IFN) antiviral immune response. The E3 protein is able to bind double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) and sequester it away from known pattern recognition receptors (PRRs; e.g., protein kinase R [PKR], RIG-I, MDA-5, and OAS), thereby preventing their activation. Even though the MXPV genome encodes an altered E3 homologue, MPXV has an IFNr and host range phenotype similar to that of wt VACV and it is able to inhibit the cellular antiviral immune response. B6R is the envelope protein of the monkeypox virus. Due to the advantage of single nucleotide polymorphisms within a small sequence of the monkeypox virus B6R, B6R primers and probe are designed completely homologous with the monkeypox (CB) DNA sequence. The F3L and B6R assay did not cross-react with any other orthopoxviral DNA (variola, cowpox, camelpox, and vaccinia). Overall, the F3L and B6R assay demonstrates a sensitive, specific, and rapid method for identifying MPXV. Using discrete viral gene targets, these assays provide a reliable and sensitive method for quickly confirming monkeypox infections.

To face with the epidemic of monkeypox virus (MPV), many in vitro diagnostic companies launched monkeypox virus nucleic acid test (NAT) kits. Taking responsibility to help accelerate the Monkeypox virus (MPV) Diagnosis, GeneMedi had developed the pseudotype virus (pseudovirus, PSV) of Monkeypox virus (MPV), which will be used as quality control/positive control products for Monkeypox nucleic acid test (NAT) detection.

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Cat No. of Pruducts GM-MPV-Tg09-PSV01
Product Name MPV F3L Pseudotyped virus (pseudovirus)
Target F3L
Vector AAV
Bioactivity validation Validated as quality control/positive control for Monkeypox nucleic acid test (NAT) detection by PCR
Products description AAV containing F3L gene
Application Quality control/positive control for Monkeypox nucleic acid test (NAT) detection.
Storage Store at -80℃ under sterile conditions. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.