AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap plasmid (serotype 2i8-specific AAV RC-2i8 plasmids)

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AAV serotype 2i8 (AAV capsid 2i8) system - Introduction

GeneMedi's AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap plasmid (serotype 2i8-specific AAV RC plasmid), also named AAV-2i8-RC plasmid, or AAV-RC-2i8 plasmid, is part of AAV-2i8 packaging system. AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap plamid supplies the AAV2 Rep(replication) proteins and the AAV-2i8 capsid protein.

You can produce AAV-2i8 paticle in 293T cell line in high titer using GeneMedi's AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap plasmid with GeneMedi's AAV expression vector (overexpression or shRNA) and AAV helper plasmid.

The tissue tropism of AAV-2i8 vector has been validated in heart, liver, skeletal muscle, lung, kidney, brain, and retina with potential applications in tissue-specific gene therapy.

Product Name Organization Type Price(In USD) Qty (Quantity) Sum(In USD)
AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap Plasmid
Serotype: AAV-2i8
Size: 5ug
Academic 2062
AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap Plasmid
Serotype: AAV-2i8
Size: 5ug
Industry R&D
AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap Plasmid
Serotype: AAV-2i8
Size: 5ug
Manufacturing company
If you want to obtain higher quantities of plasmids (mg), please visit GM TransExcellent Plasmid DNA Rapid Preparation Service.
Shipping Cost: 169.00

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