AAV4 Rep-Cap plasmid (serotype 4-specific AAV RC4 plasmids)

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AAV serotype 4 (AAV capsid 4) system - Introduction

GeneMedi's AAV4 Rep-Cap plasmid (serotype 4-specific AAV RC plasmid), also named AAV4-RC plasmid, or AAV-RC4 plasmid, is part of AAV4 packaging system. AAV4 Rep-Cap plamid supplies the AAV2 Rep(replication) proteins and the AAV4 capsid protein.

You can produce AAV4 paticle in 293T cell line in high titer using GeneMedi's AAV4 Rep-Cap plasmid with GeneMedi's AAV expression vector (overexpression or shRNA) and AAV helper plasmid.

The tissue tropism of AAV4 vector has been validated in lung and heart, as well as low transduction efficiency and viral genome copy numbers in the liver, with potential applications in tissue-specific gene therapy.

Product Name Organization Type Price(In USD) Qty (Quantity) Sum(In USD)
AAV4 Rep-Cap Plasmid
Serotype: AAV4
Size: 5ug
Academic 2062
AAV4 Rep-Cap Plasmid
Serotype: AAV4
Size: 5ug
Industry R&D
AAV4 Rep-Cap Plasmid
Serotype: AAV4
Size: 5ug
Manufacturing company
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Shipping Cost: 169.00

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