Diagnostics antibodies and antigens for Ovines/Sheep disease testing

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A sound management program to keep animals healthy is basic to production of both sheep and goats. Producers must observe animals closely to keep individual animals and the whole herd or flock healthy and productive. To recognize clinical signs of diseases common to sheep and goats, it is important to be familiar with what is normal. Producers should assess the herd or flock’s general health on a regular basis, including vital signs, body condition, and coat. Correct diagnosis of sheep is most difficult. Hence, Genemedi developed the antigen and antibody to detect the disease such as campylobacteriosis, caprine arthritis encephalitis, caprine pleuropneumonia, congenital diseases, contagious agalactia, gastroenteritis, leptospirosis, lumpy skin disease, sheeppox and goatpox, maedi visna virus infection, mycoplasma pneumonia, PESTE des petits ruminants, pneumonia, rift valley fever, sexually transmitted infectious disease and so on.

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