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Anti-CD22 therapeutic antibody (Pre-made Moxetumomab biosimilar,Fv Fusion) is a biosimilar expressed by mammalian cell line as a benchmark reference therapeutic antibody for cell culture, assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic).

Moxetumomab pasudotox-tdfk injection is used to treat hairy cell leukemia that has worsened or cannot be completely removed in patients who have had at least two previous treatments that did not work well.

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Products Name (INN Index) Anti-CD22 therapeutic antibody (Pre-made Moxetumomab biosimilar,Fv Fusion)
INN Name Moxetumomab
FormatFv Fusion
Species ReactivityHuman
CH1 Isotypena
VD LCKappa
Highest_Clin_Trial (Jan '20)Approved
Est. StatusNFD
100% SI StructureNone
99% SI StructureNone
95-98% SI StructureNone
Year Proposed2009
Year Recommended2010
CompaniesNational Cancer Institute (USA);AstraZeneca;M. D. Anderson Cancer Center;MedImmune;National Cancer Institute (USA)
Conditions ApprovedHairy cell leukaemia
Conditions Activena
Conditions DiscontinuedChronic lymphocytic leukaemia;Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma;Precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukaemia-lymphoma;Precursor cell lymphoblastic leukaemia-lymphoma
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