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Adenovirus vector system

Adenovirus genome backbone plasmid

Product Name Contents Price(In USD) Qty (Quantity) Sum(In USD)
Adenovirus genome backbone plasmid Size: 5ug 1690
Shipping Cost: 169.00

Adenovirus expression vectors (adenovirus expression plasmids)

Cat.No Expression Name of Vectors Promoter Reporter Selection TAG (unfusion) Price
P-AADV-B01 overexpression pGMAd-EF1a-MCS-CMV-EGFP EF1a EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B02 overexpression pGMAd-EF1a-MCS-3flag-CMV-EGFP EF1a EGFP Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B03 overexpression pGMAd-EF1a-MCS-CMV-RFP EF1a RFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B04 overexpression/shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-MCS U6/CMV Null Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B05 overexpression pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-MCS-3flag U6/CMV Null Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B06 overexpression pGMAd-EF1-MCS-CMV-Puromycin EF1a Null Puromycin NULL $690 
P-AADV-B07 overexpression pGMAd-MCMV-MCS-CMV-EGFP MCMV EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B08 overexpression pGMAd-MCMV-MCS-3Flag-CMV-EGFP MCMV EGFP Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B09 overexpression pGMAd-MCMV-MCS-CMV-RFP MCMV RFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B10 overexpression pGMAd-MCMV-MCS-3flag-CMV-RFP MCMV RFP Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B11 overexpression pGMAd-MCMV-MCS-CMV-Luc MCMV luciferaseferase Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B12 circRNAoverexpression pGMAd-EF1a-circRNA-CMV-EGFP EF1a EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B14 shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-RFP U6 RFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B15 shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-Luc U6 luciferaseferase Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B16 shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-Puromycin U6 Null Puromycin NULL $690 
P-AADV-B17 Cas9/gRNAfor Konckout pGMAd-U6-gRNA-CMV-Cas9-T2A-ZsGreen U6 ZsGreen Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B18 shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-EGFP-△loxp U6 EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B19 overexpression pGMAd-EF1-MCS-3flag-CMV-EGFP-△loxp EF1a EGFP Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B20 overexpression pGMAd-EF1-MCS-CMV-Puromycin-△loxp EF1a Null Puromycin NULL $690 
P-AADV-B21 circRNAoverexpression pGMAd-EF1-CircRNA-CMV-EGFP-△loxp EF1a EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B22 overexpression pGMAd-EF1-MCS-CMV-EGFP-△loxp EF1a EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B23 overexpression pGMAd-EF1-MCS-3flag-CMV-mCherry-△loxp EF1a mCherry Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B24 overexpression pGMAd-EF1-MCS-3flag-CMV-Luc-△loxp EF1a Luc Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B25 overexpression PGMAd-EF1-MCS-3flag-CMV-EYFP EF1a EYFP Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B26 shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-mCherry U6 mCherry Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B27 shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-gRNA-CMV-Cas9 U6 Null Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B28 gRNAfor Konckout pGMAd-U6-gRNA-CMV-mCherry U6 mCherry Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B29 gRNAfor Konckout pGMAd-U6-gRNA-CMV-EGFP U6 EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B30 overexpression pGMAd-EF1-CircRNA EF1a Null Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B31 shRNA for RNAi pGMAD-U6-MCS-CMV-LUC U6 luciferaseferase Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B32 overexpression pGMAd-GFAP-T2A-EGFP GFAP EGFP Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B33 gRNAfor Konckout pGMAd-U6-gRNA-CMV-mCherry(突变) U6 mCherry Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B34 gRNAfor Konckout pGMAd-U6-gRNA-CMV-Cas9-T2A-ZsGreen(△NLS) U6 ZsGreen Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B35 gRNAfor Konckout pGMAd-U6-gRNA-CMV-Cas9(△NLS) U6 Null Null NULL $690 
P-AADV-B36 overexpression pGMAD-EF1-MCS-3flag-CMV-eRFP-△loxp EF1a eRFP Null 3FLAG(C-terminal) $690 
P-AADV-B37 shRNA for RNAi pGMAd-U6-MCS-CMV-eRFP U6 eRFP Null NULL $690 

Introduction of recombinant adenovirus vector system

Since wild-type adenovirus is associated with a wide range of illnesses and enlists a variety of immune responses, so recombinant replication deficiency virus has been an attractive vector for gene therapy [20]. To date, there have been many different generations of adenovirus vectors, differing in the extent to which the genome from wild-type adenovirus is attenuated, among them, most studies involving adenovirus vectors utilize the simple E1-deleted, first-generation adenovirus vector. Due to the induction of strong innate and adaptive immune responses and limited the duration of transgene expression of first-generation adenovirus vector, researchers have further developed the second-generation adenovirus vectors by deleting the E2 or E4 coding sequences, resulting in some beneficial effects of reducing the expression of viral proteins and vector-directed immune responses. However, because of their limited evidence of enhanced efficacy over first generation vectors, the third-generation adenovirus vectors have been designed by deletion of all viral protein coding sequences, which can only be propagated in the presence of a second virus that provides all of the replication and packaging functions in trans, for which the third-generation adenovirus vectors are also known as fully-deleted, gutted, or helper-dependent Ad (hdAd) vectors [15].

Traditionally, recombinant adenovirus vectors used in gene delivery were prepared with a plasmid containing the transgene flanked by inverted terminal repeats (ITRs), co-transfected with packaging plasmid pAd-BHGlox(delta)E1, E3. Once packaged into a E1-complementing cell line, such as QBI 293A cells, recombinant viral will be easily propagated.

Recombinant adenovirus system

The current method of the recombinant adenovirus production is based on Adeasy and Ad.MAX™ system. It involves the co-transfection of 2 plasmids into QBI-293A cells as shown in Figure 3.
1. pAd-EF1-MCS-CMV-EGFP: an adenovirus ITR-containing plasmid carrying multiple clone sites, which can be cloned into a transgene;
2. pAd-BHGlox(delta)E1, E3: a packaging plasmid.

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Figure3. The two plasmids co-transfection system of recombinant adenovirus.