Human HNRNPA2B1/HNRNPA2/ HNRNPB1 ORF/cDNA clone-Lentivirus plasmid (NM_002137.3)

Pre-made Human HNRNPA2B1/HNRNPA2/ HNRNPB1 Lentiviral expression plasmid for HNRNPA2B1 lentivirus packaging, HNRNPA2B1 lentivirus production, overexpression stable cell line development, cell transient transfection and gene delivery targeting T/B/NK cells, macrophages, cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, and neurons.

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Product information

Catalog No. Product Name Plasmid Grade Plasmid quantity
pGMLV000301 Human HNRNPA2B1 Lentivirus plasmid Research Grade 10mg, 50mg, 100mg, 500mg, >1g
GMP-like Grade 10mg, 50mg, 100mg, 500mg, >1g
High Quality (HQ) Grade
Seed 5ug

Product Description

Catalog ID pGMLV000301
Gene Name HNRNPA2B1
Accession Number NM_002137.3
Gene ID 3181
Species Human
Product Type Lentivirus plasmid (overexpression)
Insert Length 1026 bp
Fluorescent Reporter ZsGreen
Mammalian Cell Selection
Fusion Tag Null
Promoter CMV
Resistance Amplicin


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    Associated products

    Category Cat No. Products Name
    Target Antibody GM-Tg-g-SE1481-Ab Anti-ROA2/ HNRNPA2B1/ HNRNPA2 functional antibody
    Target Antigen GM-Tg-g-SE1481-Ag HNRNPA2B1 protein
    ORF Viral Vector pGMLV000301 Human HNRNPA2B1 Lentivirus plasmid
    ORF Viral Vector pGMAP000544 Human HNRNPA2B1 Adenovirus plasmid
    ORF Viral Vector vGMLV000301 Human HNRNPA2B1 Lentivirus particle
    ORF Viral Vector vGMAP000544 Human HNRNPA2B1 Adenovirus particle

    Target information

    Target ID GM-SE1481
    Target Name HNRNPA2B1
    Gene ID 3181, 53379, 701821, 362361, 101098942, 475260, 507564, 100068539
    Gene Symbol and Synonyms 9130414A06Rik,hnRNP,hnrnp-A,HNRNPA2,HNRNPA2B1,HNRNPB1,HNRPA2,HNRPA2B1,HNRPB1,IBMPFD2,RNPA2,SNRPB1
    Uniprot Accession P22626
    Uniprot Entry Name ROA2_HUMAN
    Protein Sub-location Secreted Protein/Potential Cytokines
    Category Not Available
    Disease Cancer
    Gene Ensembl ENSG00000122566
    Target Classification Tumor-associated antigen (TAA)

    This gene belongs to the A/B subfamily of ubiquitously expressed heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins (hnRNPs). The hnRNPs are RNA binding proteins and they complex with heterogeneous nuclear RNA (hnRNA). These proteins are associated with pre-mRNAs in the nucleus and appear to influence pre-mRNA processing and other aspects of mRNA metabolism and transport. While all of the hnRNPs are present in the nucleus, some seem to shuttle between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. The hnRNP proteins have distinct nucleic acid binding properties. The protein encoded by this gene has two repeats of quasi-RRM domains that bind to RNAs. This gene has been described to generate two alternatively spliced transcript variants which encode different isoforms. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

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