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There are two major types of the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV-1, which was discovered first, is the most widespread type worldwide. HIV-2 is more than 55% genetically different from HIV-1. Each major type of virus can be further broken down into groups, which themselves can be subdivided into clades or subtypes. HIV-1 comprises groups M (main), O (outlier), and N (non-M or O). There are two main HIV-2 subtypes, A and B.

Infectious diseases caused by living organisms like viruses and bacteria are hamful to human body.

Genemedi produces core diagnostic ingredients for test of infectious diseases and related syndrome.

GeneMedi offers paired diagnostics grade AIDS/HIV1 P24 antibodies (monoclonal antibody,mab) and antigens as well as AIDS/HIV1 pseudovirus (PSV) for infectious disease rapid test kit of AIDS/HIV1 infection testing in ELISA,Lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) and other immunoassays.

All the antibodies and antigens as well as AIDS/HIV1 pseudovirus (PSV) for infectious disease test are suitable for in functional ELISA, and other immunoassays in dignostics.The antibodies can act as a capture antibody and detection antibody.The antigens can be used for antibodies rapid test of infectious disease.

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GMP-HIV1-Ab02-1mg 1mg 1490
GMP-HIV1-Ab02-10mg 10mg 8960
GMP-HIV1-Ab02-100mg 100mg 44800
GMP-HIV1-Ab02-xmg ≥100mg Inquiry
Shipping Cost: 760.00

GeneMedi and other company's P24 antibody pairs validation with HIV PSV in sandwich ELISA

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Figure. GeneMedi and other company’s P24 antibody pairs validation with HIV PSV (GMVP-LVc10) in sandwich ELISA. GeneMedi's P24 antibody pair has a larger linear range and better sensitivity, and represents the best EC50. GeneMedi’s Ab01: GMP-HIV1-Ab01, GeneMedi’s Ab02: GMP-HIV1-Ab02.


Antigen & Antibody Name Anti-HIV1 P24 mouse monoclonal antibody (mAb)
Expression platform  Hybridoma
IsotypesMouse IgG
Bioactivity validationHIV1 P24 Protein binding, ELISA validated as capture antibody and detection antibody Pair recommendation with GMP-HIV1-Ab02 in HIV1 test
Products descriptionAnti-HIV1 P24 mouse monoclonal antibody (mAb) is a mouse monoclonal antibody produced by hybridoma technology. The antibody is ELISA validated as capture antibody and detection antibody. Pair recommendation with GMP-HIV1-Ab02.
PurityPurity: ≥95% (SDS-PAGE)
Application ELISA tests and other immunoassays; Lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA); LTIA Immunonephelometry Time-resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay (TRFIA)
FormulationLyophilized from sterile PBS, PH 7.4
StorageStore at -20℃ to -80℃ under sterile conditions. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.