It's the GeneMedi's summary page for Target/Biomarker Introduction of FGFR2. The page also collects GeneMedi's different modalities and formats products for FGFR2 in therapeutics/drug discovery and IVD diagnostics, which is including antibody, ADC, bispecific, antigen, ORF vector, VLP, etc. With GeneMedi's target-insight database-GM ITD database, the FGFR2 target is also connected to human indications/diseases/conditions/MOA.

Target sublocation: Transmembrane Protein.

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the fibroblast growth factor receptor family, where amino acid sequence is highly conserved between members and throughout evolution. FGFR family members differ from one another in their ligand affinities and tissue distribution. A full-length representative protein consists of an extracellular region, composed of three immunoglobulin-like domains, a single hydrophobic membrane-spanning segment and a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase domain. The extracellular portion of the protein interacts with fibroblast growth factors, setting in motion a cascade of downstream signals, ultimately influencing mitogenesis and differentiation. This particular family member is a high-affinity receptor for acidic, basic and/or keratinocyte growth factor, depending on the isoform. Mutations in this gene are associated with Crouzon syndrome, Pfeiffer syndrome, Craniosynostosis, Apert syndrome, Jackson-Weiss syndrome, Beare-Stevenson cutis gyrata syndrome, Saethre-Chotzen syndrome, and syndromic craniosynostosis. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been noted for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2009]

Target IDGM-T58454
Target NameFGFR2
Gene ID2263
Gene Official NameFGFR2
Gene AliasBBDS, BEK, BFR-1, CD332, CEK3, CFD1, ECT1, JWS, K-SAM, KGFR, TK14, TK25
Protein Sub-locationTransmembrane Protein
CategoryTherapeutics Target, INN Index, Cytokine Target

Pre-made FGFR2-specific INN-index biosimilar (antibody&conjugates)-Bemarituzumab, aprutumab ixadotin, Aprutumab

Anti-FGFR2 therapeutic INN-index antibodies and conjugates are biosimilars expressed by mammalian cell line as a benchmark reference therapeutic antibody for drug discovery, target MOA research, cell culture, assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic).

Cat No.Products Name (INN Index)INN Name Previous Name Target FormatOrder
GMP-Bios-ab-057Pre-Made Bemarituzumab biosimilar, Whole mAb, Anti-FGFR2 Antibody: Anti-BBDS/BEK/BFR-1/CD332/CEK3/CFD1/ECT1/JWS/K-SAM/KGFR/TK14/TK25 therapeutic antibodyBemarituzumabFGFR2Whole mAbINN mab
GMP-Bios-INN-737Pre-Made Aprutumab Ixadotin Biosimilar, Whole Mab Adc, Anti-Fgfr2 Antibody: Anti-BBDS/BEK/BFR-1/CD332/CEK3/CFD1/ECT1/JWS/K-SAM/KGFR/TK14/TK25 therapeutic antibody Drug Conjugateaprutumab ixadotinFGFR2Whole mAb ADCINN mab
GMP-Bios-ab-031Pre-Made Aprutumab biosimilar, Whole mAb ADC, Anti-FGFR2 Antibody: Anti-BBDS/BEK/BFR-1/CD332/CEK3/CFD1/ECT1/JWS/K-SAM/KGFR/TK14/TK25 therapeutic antibodyAprutumabFGFR2Whole mAb ADCINN mab

Pre-made anti-FGFR2 inhibitory monoclonal antibody(mab, blocking antibody inhibitor)-benchmark reference antibody for drug discovery and mechanism of action (MOA) research

Pre-made anti-FGFR2 benchmark inhibitory monoclonal antibody(mab, blocking antibody inhibitor) is expressed by mammalian cell line as a benchmark antibody for cell culture, FACS, ELISA or other affinity binding assay or functional assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic). The anti-FGFR2 mab is expressed and produced by mammalian cell line as a benchmark reference therapeutic antibody for biological drug discovery items including cell culture, assay development, animal model development, PK/PD model development (Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamic) and mechanism of action (MOA) research.

Cat No.Antibody NameFormatClassified by tagOrder
GM-Tg-hg-T58454-AbAnti-FGFR2 monoclonal antibodymabBiofunctional antibody, Therapeutics Target antibody, Cytokine antibodymonoclonal antibody.

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