What is Electrochemiluminescence immunoassay

The assays will be run in MSD's multiplexed U-PLEX format. The U-PEX format employs multi-well plate consumables, in which each well comprises a screen-printed carbon ink electrode supporting a generic 10-plex array of binding reagents selected for their specificity to a set of 10 U-PLEX "linkers".

Capture antibodies are coupled to these linkers (using reagents available from MSD) to generate reagents that are targeted to specific elements of the generic arrays, enabling the solution phase self-assembly of capture antibody arrays. Running assays in the U-PLEX format involves the following steps

  • (1) incubate a mixture of up to 10 capture antibody-linker conjugates in the U-PLEX wells to self-assemble a capture antibody array and wash to remove excess unbound capture antibody.

  • (2) Add the sample and a sample diluent comprising blocking components (including blockers of human anti-mouse antibodies), incubating to bind analyte, and then washing to remove unbound sample.

  • (3) Add labeled detection antibodies and incubate to bind captured analyte and form sandwich complexes, and then washing to remove unbound detection antibody.

  • (4) Add an ECL read buffer (MSD Read Buffer Gold) and analyze the plate on a MSD plate reader. The plate reader applies an electrical potential to the electrode in each well and measures the resulting ECL emission from each array element on the electrode.

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         1. CLIA
         2. ELISA: (1) Direct ELISA (2) Indirect ELISA (3) Competitive ELISA (4) Sandwich ELISA
         3. LFIA: (1) Sandwich format (2) Competitive format (3) Multiplexed lateral flow assays
         4. PETIA
         5. Immunonephelometry
         6. IHC
         7. FACS: (1) Antibody titration protocol using 96 well plates (2) Protocol for cell sorting
         8. Octet system
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