Optogenetics Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) CAG DIO Arch3.0 EYFP  

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Introduction to Optogenetics Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) Products

Optogenetics has been a powerful scientific tool to further the fundamental scientific understanding of how specific cell types contribute to the function of biological tissues, such as neural circuits in vivo and lead to new insights into Parkinson's disease and other neurological and psychiatric disorders in clinic. By delivering optical signals to precisely control biological processes in living tissues, optogenetics opens up new landscapes for the study of biology, both in health and disease. Optogenetics is now typically used in neuroscience to control electrical potentials in neurons in vivo.

Adeno associated virus (AAV)
Adeno associated virus (AAV) is one kind of human parvovirus. Recombinant AAV vectors can efficiently transfect various cell types, including dividing and quiescent cells, and induce persistent gene expression in vivo without integrating into host genome and causing any disease. These features make AAV an attractive candidate in the application of gene delivery for gene therapy and human disease model establishment. To date, AAV has been proved as the most excellent gene therapy vector. Over 204 clinical trials have been carried out using AAV vectors for gene delivery, and promising gene therapy outcomes have been achieved from clinical trials for a great number of diseases.

Genemedi optogenetics AAV
Genemedi possesses a complete library of optogenetics components into AAV plasmid. These optogenetics AAV can help researchers control and monitor the activities of individual neurons in living tissue, and precisely measure the manipulation effects in real-time.

Optogenetics Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) premade products list

Cat No. Products Name Serotypes of AAV Order
GeneMedi offer multiple serotypes of AAV for your option:
· AAV1
· AAV2
· AAV2 variant (Y444F)
· AAV2 variant (Y272F, Y444F, Y500F, Y730F)
· AAV2 variant (Y444F, Y730F, Y500F, Y272F, Y704F, Y252F)
· AAV2 variant(AAV2.7m8)
· AAV5
· AAV6
· AAV8
· AAV8-1m
· AAV8-2m
· AAV8 variant (Y733F, Y447F, Y275)
· AAV9
· AAV-Rh.10
· AAV-DJ/8
· AAV-Retro (Retrograde)

Please click here to tell us your choice of AAV serotype when you place the order. >>
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pGM-AVP003pGM-AAV-CAG-DIO-hChR2(H134R)-T2A-mcherryPicture loading failed.
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pGM-AVP007pGM-AAV-CAG-DIO-hM3DQ-mcherryPicture loading failed.
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pGM-AVP009pGM-AAV-hsyn-T2A-EYFPPicture loading failed.
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pGM-AVP016pGM-AAV-hsyn-hM3DQ-T2A-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP017pGM-AAV-hsyn-hM4Di-T2A-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP018pGM-AAV-hsyn-DTR-T2A-RFPPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP019pGM-AAV-hsyn-DTA-T2A-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP020pGM-AAV-CamkII-EYFPPicture loading failed.
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pGM-AVP023pGM-AAV-CamkII-Arch3.0-EYFPPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP024pGM-AAV-CamkII-hCHETA-EYFPPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP025pGM-AAV-CamkII-DTR-T2A-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP026pGM-AAV-CamkII-hM3DQ-T2A-mcherryPicture loading failed.
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pGM-AVP034pGM-AAV-CamkII-Gcamp6sPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP035pGM-AAV-CamkII-Gcamp6fPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP049pGM-AAV-GFAP-hM4D(Gi)-mCherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP050pGM-AAV-GFAP-hM3D(Gq)-mCherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP051pGM-AAV-CAG-T2A-EYFPPicture loading failed.
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pGM-AVP053pGM-AAV-GFAP-hChR2(H134R)-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP054pGM-AAV-GFAP-Arch3.0-EYFPPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP055pGM-AAV-GFAP-hCHETA-EYFPPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP056pGM-AAV-GFAP-DTR-T2A-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP057pGM-AAV-CAG-DIO-C1V1(t/t)-TS-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP058pGM-AAV-CMV-DIO-C1V1(t/t)-TS-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP059pGM-AAV-hSyn-DIO-C1V1(t/t)-TS-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP060pGM-AAV-GFAP-DIO-C1V1(t/t)-TS-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP061pGM-AAV-CaMKII-DIO-C1V1(t/t)-TS-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP062pGM-AAV-GFAP-DIO-C1V1(t/t)-TS-mcherryPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP063pGM-AAV-GFAP-ArchT-EYFPPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP064pGM-AAV-CAG-ArchT-EYFPPicture loading failed.
pGM-AVP065pGM-AAV-CMV-ArchT-EYFPPicture loading failed.
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Applications and Figures

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Figure 1.Combination of optogenetics with AAV to determine spontaneous electric activity of nerve in Genemedi.

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Figure 2.Selected transduction results of various AAV optogenetics system, such as mice brain tissue (A), rat brain tissue (B), mice brain stem (C), hippocampus (D).