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Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) Expression Vector (AAV expression plasmids) - Introduction

GeneMedi's AAV expression vector also named AAV expression plasmid, is part of AAV packaging system.

GeneMedi's AAV expression vectors have been inserted with differernt expression cassettes, containing kinds of verified protomters and reporters including GFP,zsgreen, RFP, mcherry and luciferase. The GeneMedi's AAV expression vectors have been proved very suitalble for unique gene overexpression or shRNA-mediated knock-down (also called RNAi (RNA interference ). You can also achieve gene knock-out(KO) or gene editing using our Crispr-cas9-gRNA AAV expression vector.

You can produce AAV paticle in 293T cell line in high titer using GeneMedi's AAV expression vector (overexpression, shRNA or Crispr-cas9-gRNA) with GeneMedi's serotypes-specific AAV Rep-Cap plasmids and AAV helper plasmid.

GeneMedi's AAV Rep-Cap plasmids is including AAV2, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8, AAV9, AAV-PHP.B, AAV-PHP.eB, AAV PHP.s, AAV-retro (retrograde), AAV-Anc80 (L65), AAV-DJ, AAV-DJ8.

GeneMedi also supplies capsid optimized AAV variant including AAV2 variant (Y444F), AAV2 variant (Y272F, Y444F, Y500F, Y730F), AAV2 variant (Y444F, Y730F, Y500F, Y272F, Y704F, Y252F), AAV2.7m8, AAV8-1m, AAV8 variant (Y733F,Y447F) , AAV8 variant (Y733F, Y447F, Y275F) and some other engineering AAV serotypes not mentioned.

AAV(Adeno Associated Virus) Expression Vector (AAV expression plasmids)

Cat.No Expression Name of Vectors Promoter Reporter Cre-dependent TAG (unfusion) Price 
P-AAVV-B01 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-3flag-T2A-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $779
P-AAVV-B02 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-3flag-P2A-Zsgreen CMV ZsGreen No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $779
P-AAVV-B03 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-3flag-EF1-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $779
P-AAVV-B04 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-MCS-T2A-ZsGreen CAG ZsGreen No null $779
P-AAVV-B05 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-MCS-3flag-T2A-ZsGreen CAG ZsGreen No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $779
P-AAVV-B06 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-MCS-T2A-mCherry CAG mCherry No null $779
P-AAVV-B07 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-DIO-MCS-T2A-ZsGreen CAG ZsGreen Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B08 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-DIO-MCS-T2A-mCherry CAG mCherry Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B09 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-DIO-MCS-T2A-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B10 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-DIO-MCS-ZsGreen hSyn ZsGreen Yes null $1,699
P-AAVV-B11 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-DIO-MCS-mCherry hSyn mCherry Yes null $1,699
P-AAVV-B12 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-MCS-T2A-ZsGreen hSyn ZsGreen No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B13 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-MCS-T2A-mCherry hSyn mCherry No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B14 overexpression pGMAAV-CamKII-MCS-T2A-ZsGreen CamKII ZsGreen No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B15 overexpression pGMAAV-CamKII-MCS-T2A-mCherry CamKII mCherry No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B16 overexpression pGMAAV-GFAP-MCS-T2A-EGFP GFAP EGFP No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B17 overexpression pGMAAV-cTNT-MCS-ZsGreen cTNT ZsGreen No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B18 overexpression pGMAAV-GFAP-EGFP GFAP EGFP No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B19 overexpression pGMAAV-TBG-MCS-P2A-ZsGreen TBG ZsGreen No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B20 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-MCS-CMV-mCherry U6 mCherry No null $779
P-AAVV-B21 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-MCS-CMV-EGFP U6 EGFP No null $779
P-AAVV-B22 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-MCS-WPRE U6 null No null $779
P-AAVV-B23 Cas9/gRNAfor Konckout pGMAAV-CMV-Sacas9-U6-gRNA CMV null No null $1,799
P-AAVV-B24 gRNAfor Konckout pscAAV-U6-BB-chemeric-sgRNA U6 null No null $779
P-AAVV-B25 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-EF1-mCherry CMV mCherry No null $779
P-AAVV-B26 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-T2A-mCherry CMV mCherry No null $779
P-AAVV-B27 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-DIO-MCS CMV null Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B28 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-DIO-MCS-T2Am-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B29 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-DIO-ZsGreen-MCS CMV ZsGreen Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B30 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-DIO-MCS CAG null Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B31 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-MCS-T2Am-mCherry hSyn mCherry No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B32 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-ZsGreen hSyn ZsGreen No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B33 overexpression pGMAAV-cTNT-MCS-P2A-EGFP cTNT EGFP No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B34 overexpression pGMAAV-TBG-MCS-P2A-mCherry TBG mCherry No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B35 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-MCS-CMV-LUCi U6 null No null $1,099
P-AAVV-B36 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-MCS-CMV-ZsGreen U6 ZsGreen No null $779
P-AAVV-B37 overexpression pGMAAV-CTNT-MCS-CMV-ZsGreen cTNT ZsGreen No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B38 for Konckout pscAAV-U6-BB-sgRNA-CMV-mCherry-new U6 mCherry No null $779
P-AAVV-B39 for Konckout pscAAV-U6-BB-sgRNA-CMV-EGFP-new U6 EGFP No null $779
P-AAVV-B40 overexpressioncre pGMAAV-cre-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $779
P-AAVV-B41 overexpressioncre pGMAAV-hSyn-cre hSyn null No null $1,999
P-AAVV-B42 overexpression pGMAAV-TBG-MCS-P2A-mCherry TBG mCherry No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B43 overexpression pGMAAV-GFAP-MCS-P2A-mCherry GFAP mCherry No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B44 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-DIO-T2Am-EGFP CAG EGFP Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B45 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-DIO-EGFP CMV EGFP Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B46 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-MCS-CMV-luc(△EGFP) U6 null No null $779
P-AAVV-B47 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-EF1-EGFP(△WPRE) CMV EGFP No null $779
P-AAVV-B48 overexpression pGMAAV-EF1-MCS-CMV-EGFP EF1 EGFP No null $1,175
P-AAVV-B49 overexpression pGMAAV-hCAG-MCS-P2A-ZsGreen hCAG ZsGreen No null $1,175
P-AAVV-B50 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-P2A-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen No null $779
P-AAVV-B51 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-P2A-luc(△EGFP) CMV luc No null $779
P-AAVV-B52 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-MCS-T2Am-ZsGreen hSyn ZsGreen No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B53 overexpression pGMAAV-TNT-3flag-P2A-EGFP cTNT EGFP No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $1,699
P-AAVV-B55 overexpression pGMAAV-pGMAAV-cTNT-MCS cTNT null No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B56 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-T2A-mcherry CMV mCherry No null $779
P-AAVV-B57 overexpression pGMAAV-cTNT-MCS-3flag-P2A-EGFP cTNT EGFP No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $1,699
P-AAVV-B58 overexpression pGMAAV-hSyn-cre hSyn null No null $1,999
P-AAVV-B59 overexpression pscAAV-U6-BB-sgRNA-PGK-EGFP U6 EGFP No null $779
P-AAVV-B60 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-DIO-tdtomato CMV tdtomato Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B61 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-DIO-T2Am-tdtomato CAG tdtomato Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B62 overexpression pGMAAV-EF1a-DIO-FLPo-WPRE-hGHpA EF1a null Yes null $1,699
P-AAVV-B63 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-MCS (NO WPRE) CAG null No null $779
P-AAVV-B64 overexpression pGMAAV-CAG-MCS-T2A-ZsGreen (NO WPRE) CAG ZsGreen No null $779
P-AAVV-B65 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS (NO WPRE) CMV null No null $779
P-AAVV-B66 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-T2A-ZsGreen (NO WPRE) CMV ZsGreen No null $779
P-AAVV-B67 overexpression pGMAAV-TBG-MCS-CMV-ZsGreen TBG ZsGreen No null $1,175
P-AAVV-B68 overexpression pGMAAV-TBG-MCS-NULL TBG null No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B69 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-circ-EF1-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen No null $779
P-AAVV-B70 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-T2Am-ZsGreen CMV ZsGreen No null $779
P-AAVV-B71 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-3flag CMV null No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $779
P-AAVV-B72 overexpression pGMAAV-GFAP-MCS-NULL GFAP null No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B73 overexpression pGMAAV-cTNT-mCherry cTNT mCherry No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B74 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-MCS-CMV-eRFP U6 eRFP No null $779
P-AAVV-B75 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-EF1-eRFP CMV eRFP No null $1,579
P-AAVV-B76 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-3flag-T2A-eRFP CMV eRFP No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $1,579
P-AAVV-B77 overexpression pGMAAV-hsyn-DIO-MCS hsyn null Yes null $1,699
P-AAVV-B78 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-DIO-CMV-mcherry U6 mcherry Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B79 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-T2A-ZsGreen-W3-BGH pa CMV ZsGreen No null $1,579
P-AAVV-B80 overexpression pGMAAV-cTNT-LUCi cTNT LUCi No null $1,699
P-AAVV-B81 shRNA for RNAi pGMAAV-U6-DIO-CMV-EGFP U6 EGFP Yes null $1,399
P-AAVV-B82 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-3flag-EF1-ZsGreen-w3-bgh pa CMV ZsGreen No 3FLAG(C-terminal) $1,579
P-AAVV-B83 overexpression pGMAAV-CMV-MCS-EF1-luc CMV luc No null $779
P-AAVV-B84 overexpression pGMAAV-TBG-P2A-LUCi TBG LUCi No null $1,899

AAV (Adeno-Associated Virus) vector system

AAV1 vector system

AAV2 vector system

AAV2 variant(Y444F) vector system

AAV2 variant (Y272F,Y444F,Y500F,Y730F) vector system

AAV2 variant(Y444F,Y730F,Y500F,Y272F,Y704F,Y252F) vector system

AAV2 variant(AAV2.7m8) vector system

AAV5 vector system

AAV6 vector system

AAV8 vector system

AAV8-1m vector system

AAV8-2m vector system

AAV8-3m vector system

AAV9 vector system

AAV-Rh10 vector system

AAV-DJ vector system

AAV-Dj8 vector system

AAV2-Retro (Retrograde) vector system

AAV9-PHP.B vector system

AAV9-PHP.eB vector system

AAV9-PHP.S vector system

AAV Rep-Cap plasmids (serotypes-specific AAV RC plasmids)

AAV1 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV2 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV2 variant (Y444F) Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV2 variant (Y272F, Y444F, Y500F, Y730F) Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV2 variant (Y444F, Y730F, Y500F, Y272F, Y704F, Y252F) Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV2 variant(AAV2.7m8) Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV5 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV6 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV8 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV8-1m Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV8-2m Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV8 variant (Y733F, Y447F, Y275) Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV9 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV-Rh.10 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV-DJ Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV-DJ/8 Rep-Cap Plasmid

AAV-Retro (Retrograde) Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV9-PHP.B Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV9-PHP.eB Rep-Cap plasmid

AAV9-PHP.S Rep-Cap plasmid