SnapGene Viewer Download - for plasmid mapping, primer design

SnapGene Viewer is revolutionary software that allows molecular biologists to create, browse, and share richly annotated DNA sequence files up to 1 Gbp in length.

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    AAV(Adeno-Associated Virus) vector system

    AAV1 vector system

    AAV2 vector system

    AAV2 variant(Y444F) vector system

    AAV2 variant (Y272F,Y444F,Y500F,Y730F) vector system

    AAV2 variant(Y444F,Y730F,Y500F,Y272F,Y704F,Y252F) vector system

    AAV2 variant(AAV2.7m8) vector system

    AAV5 vector system

    AAV6 vector system

    AAV8 vector system

    AAV8-1m vector system

    AAV8-2m vector system

    AAV8-3m vector system

    AAV9 vector system

    AAV-Rh10 vector system

    AAV-DJ vector system

    AAV-Dj8 vector system

    AAV2-Retro (Retrograde) vector system

    AAV-PHP.B vector system

    AAV-PHP.eB vector system

    AAV-PHP.S vector system

    AAV-BR1 vector system

    AAV-2i8 vector system

    AAV-SIG vector system

    AAV-VEC vector system

    AAV Rep-Cap plasmids (serotypes-specific AAV RC plasmids)

    AAV1 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV2 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV2 variant (Y444F) Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV2 variant (Y272F, Y444F, Y500F, Y730F) Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV2 variant (Y444F, Y730F, Y500F, Y272F, Y704F, Y252F) Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV2 variant(AAV2.7m8) Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV5 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV6 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV8 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV8-1m Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV8-2m Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV8 variant (Y733F, Y447F, Y275) Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV9 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV-Rh.10 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV-DJ Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV-DJ/8 Rep-Cap Plasmid

    AAV-Retro (Retrograde) Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV-PHP.B Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV-PHP.eB Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV-PHP.S Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV-BR1 Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV-2i8 Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV-SIG Rep-Cap plasmid

    AAV-VEC Rep-Cap plasmid

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